The passport for children to

become global citizens.

Walk in a Child’s World

Educational learning materials and courses.


Based upon proven research and exceeding international development standards, Walk in a Child’s World has a comprehensive range of materials and courses for parents, carers, new mothers, teachers, preschool professionals, principals and training providers.


This holistic educational system delivers high quality training in all aspects of child development – physical development, positive behaviour, teaching and socialising – nurturing IQ and EQ.

Mama & Me -

For your Growing Baby

0-12 months


This unique course has been customised for parents and carers who are expecting a child, and also for parents who are interested in developing their parenting techniques and understanding of their baby or child. Suitable for parents, nannies and caregivers.

Baby Care Course -

For your Precious Infant

0-12 months


Learn how to confidently care for and nurture a baby during this important first year of their life. This course supports you with a deep understanding of the baby’s developmental and care needs, and how you can support this important stage. Suitable for parents, nannies, caregivers and educators.

The Developing Toddler -

How Can I Guide Their Success?

12-36 months


This course has been tailored to help support you with the developing toddler and their growing needs. During the toddler years, the child grows and develops at a rapid pace. This course helps you to support their physical, social and emotional growth. Suitable for parents, caregivers, and novice and experienced educators.

Foundation Course -

Early Childhood Education

0-6 years


This course has been developed for experienced professionals with a focus in early childhood education. During this course you will learn how to understand, care for and teach the 0-6 age group, with a special focus on the 0-3 age group. Suitable for experienced educators and childcare workers.

Hessel International's flagship preschool daycare centre is located in Songjiang, Shanghai. We also provide our training programs to other preschool daycare centres throughout China. Please contact us to find out more.




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The passport for children to

become global citizens.