The first 1000 days of childhood development are critical in ensuring a child’s success as an adult.

Tanya Cole

Founder of and CEO of Hessel International


“Helping your child to develop and reach their potential is an important responsibility, but also highly rewarding. I’d like to share with you the knowledge I’ve gained while working with children – and support you to make the most of your child’s first 1000 days.”


Tanya Cole is a leader in early childhood education. She has dedicated her life to providing a proven way to help children develop the emotional intelligence skills required to be successful in life. She is available for media appearances and speaker events. Visit the Media Relations page for more information.


Evidence demonstrates that the first 1000 days are a crucial period for parents to take an active role in helping their child reach their full potential in life.


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The moment your child is born their basic brain functions are all ready to go. It’s the cerebral cortex that still needs to develop; this part of the brain is responsible for stories, memories, thoughts, and voluntary muscle movement. All of these skills are not able to develop until after your child enters the world.


Until your child turns 6 or 7-months old they are capable of breathing and swallowing at the same time. If you’re like 75% of the population, you're trying to do it yourself right now. Good luck, but you’ve outgrown the chance.

The first step to making a difference in a child’s brain development revolves around supporting their Emotional Intelligence.


It is Emotional Intelligence, not Cognitive Intelligence, that guarantees someone’s success. It's important to manage one's own emotions and develop the ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them.

Babies can count before they learn to talk. One study found 1-year-olds are able to identify larger and smaller quantities, as well as conduct simple subtraction - all without any maths lessons or terminology.


Between 12 and 24 months, your toddler’s cognitive development really starts to blossom. This is when they will start to develop memories, as well as understand symbols, imitate and play imaginatively.

The average toddler takes around 40-50 steps each minute. Toddlers sometimes behave better than usual for perfect strangers, such as a new babysitter. This is because toddlers are smart enough not to test limits of people they don’t fully trust yet.


Your child will develop language following 4 basic stages: starting with babbling, then using a single word, followed by two words, and finally multi-words. Your child’s development is fairly predictable in more than just language. This is why developmental milestones can be used to identify if your child is on track for proper growth and development.

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The first 1000 days of childhood development are critical in ensuring a child’s success as an adult.