Run your childcare centre based on the latest Western science and give children a head start toward their adulthood success.

Explore the Hessel System 孩时乐系统.


Parents and carers understand that the world is constantly evolving. Their children are going to be faced with significant competition for jobs and resources. With the Hessel System 孩时乐系统, you can ensure your preschool daycare centre has the highest international standards to help children with the critical development they need between the ages of 0-3 and 3-6, providing them with an advantage to reach success.


Our globally recognised Hessel System 孩时乐系统 and Walk in a Child’s World training is supported by 450 teachers, carers and preschool professionals in Australia and China who continually develop new insights to improve the development of children.


We have made a significant investment in China, with our first international corporate headquarters located in Songjiang, Shanghai. The headquarters are also home to our Early Childhood Training Centre and our flagship preschool daycare centre, where we prove the benefits of blending Western science with Chinese values.


We invite you to arrange a personal tour with our staff.


Establish a new internationally competitive preschool daycare centre


If you are setting up a new preschool daycare centre, we can help you with the planning and the design to optimise the use of space. We can outline key equipment to purchase, ensuring that your preschool daycare centre is desirable and meets the needs of your customers.


Training, curriculum and support are also available to help maintain the highest Western standards.


Train your staff to the highest Western standards


Walk in a Child’s World is a complete program for developing a child’s Emotional Intelligence. Your staff are fully supported with easy-to-use plans, guides and materials that promote world’s best practice learning for young children.


Training courses and sessions for parents and carers to help babies and toddlers develop


Based on the latest Western science, our range of programs for parents, carers and your staff, provides insights and new skills to help babies and toddlers develop. You can have your own staff trained to deliver these programs to generate extra revenue.

Materials and curriculum to deliver

world’s best practice


You can choose e-learning or person-to-person training, so your staff can provide high quality care and development outcomes for children.


You’ll see them contribute more to the success of your business, helping create a reputation for exceptional service and utilising the latest in Western learning programs.

Centre improvement audits

and recommendations


With your existing facilities, our experts provide you with a complete list of recommendations and insights about how to get the most from your business.


You gain access to materials and learning programs that provide your preschool daycare centre with a competitive edge to attract parents and carers who want the very best for their children

Business and marketing support


Our aim is to help your business grow, by attracting parents and carers who demand the best for their children, and who recognise the importance of early childhood development.

"I just wanted to have a look the centre at the very beginning, but as soon as I walked into Hessel Children's Centre, I loved it immediately and did the enrolment that day. They have different classrooms of different styles and the teachers really have an affinity with the children and the children learn through play."

"My baby has been enrolled in the centre for one month and, no matter if it's cognition,  emotion,  language development or health, he has developed magnificently."

"My child joined in the centre over one month ago. At the  very beginning, he always cried, and then he turned to twisting my arm to go to centre everyday. I am so glad my child gained independence here. He can sing two English songs now."

We help staff to become world class carers and educators of babies and toddlers.

With e-learning and workshops, we have a training solution to suit your need.

Hessel International's flagship preschool daycare centre is located in Songjiang, Shanghai. We also provide our training programs to other preschool daycare centres throughout China. Please contact us to find out more.




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Run your childcare centre based on the latest Western science and give children a head start toward their adulthood success.