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The Hessel Group was founded in 1998. Tanya Cole is the Founder and the Managing Director of Hessel Group.

The Hessel Group provides high quality Early Childhood training to childcare educators and families. The company is highly regarded in the Australian business sector, with over 450 employees. All staff are highly committed to the company value children are our future. Read more about the Hessel Group story.

Hessel International has evolved through Tanya’s vision of bringing high quality educational training and materials to a global audience.

Hessel International has developed Walk in a Child’s World which is a universal Early Childhood Educational Framework. This has been specifically designed to provide high level support to trainers, educators, students, children, parents, guardians and other caregivers.

The framework has been designed with flexibility, allowing Hessel International to customise and create training packages tailor made to the needs of the client.

Tanya Cole, Hessel Group Founder and Managing Director

Our Philosophy

The early years of a baby’s life, between the age of 0-3 are crucial to the happiness, health and success for their adult life. To make a difference in your child’s life and the success of their future, you need to start from the day they are born.

Dr Fraser Mustard, a world leader in Early Childhood Development, shared his research in Australia and believes that starting from birth, everything you do and say to your baby and the experiences they are exposed to, impact on how their brain develops.

Hessel International has developed its training on current brain research and knowledge from psychologists and theorists to teach you how to raise your baby using a holistic approach. When you adopt this approach, you will be supporting your baby from all aspects of life, including their body, mind and spirit

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