We are dedicated to caring for children and strongly believe that children are our future.

A history of providing exceptional teaching and care.


The Hessel Group was founded in 1998 and has a considerable history in the provision of quality early childhood education and childcare in Australia. As leaders in the industry, we have provided services to Australian government and educated thousands of teachers, carers and preschool professionals.

Expertise in child development


Our international system is based on the latest learnings from world leaders in early childhood development, while also drawing on an extensive knowledge base of best practice.

450 childcare experts


The Hessel Group is led by CEO and Founder, Tanya Cole, who provides inspirational leadership and guidance for her team of 450 childcare experts. Key personnel are located in China and in Adelaide, Australia.

Quality accreditation


Hessel Group’s excellence in the provision of childcare solutions has earned it the International Standards Organisation’s ISO9001 Certification for Quality Management.

The Hessel System is built on a strong foundation of research and practical learning

Below is a timeline of the advances in the theoretical approaches and understanding of early childhood development that have led to the Hessel System.

The Hessel International Team

Founder & CEO of Hessel

Tanya Cole


Tanya Cole is the Founder of the Hessel Group, which has been in operation in Australia since 1998. The Hessel Group provides professional childcare, training to educators for employment in childcare centres, kindergartens and families to meet their childcare needs.


Over the last two decades, Tanya has been instrumental in guiding the direction of the organisation, providing inspirational leadership and leading by example in Australia and internationally.


Tanya has been awarded numerous important contracts with corporations and local, state and federal government departments. She has maintained a high quality standard in the provision of childcare solutions, leading to the company achieving international standards accreditation in ISO 9001. Tanya's success as a leader and entrepreneur has also been acknowledged, with her being awarded as a Finalist in Telstra Business Women in multiple categories.

Key staff members

Sammie Sun


Working as Tanya's assistant, Sammie is responsible for executive reporting, managing projects and overseeing marketing including events, media relations and social media. Prior to this role, she was employed in a joint venture company in training, staffing and  marketing roles.


Sammie’s academic qualifications is Bachelor of Language and Literature, Test for English Majors (TEM8).

Lucy Fu


Lucy is a motivated and passionate Early Childhood Principal with 8 years’ experience in the education and training industry.


She was previously employed as a Manager of a Children’s Centre and as a Course Consultant and Training Consultant Manager for an international language training centre.


Lucy’s academic qualifications include the Bachelor of Laws, Certificate of Child Development, undergraduate qualifications in the areas of pedagogy, psychology and teaching with additional post graduate qualifications in Education for Principals and Intermediate Nutrition.

Robyn Eva


Robyn is the Director of Hessel Shanghai and takes pride in ensuring high quality education for children and adults at the Hessel Childrens Centre and Hessel Training College. With her vast experience in the education sector, Robyn provides training to teachers and parents from the ‘Walk in a Child’s World’ curriculum developed by our Australian team of experienced early childhood educators and adapted to bend in with Chinese culture. In all Robyn’s leadership roles her focus has been on enhancing the student’s experience, increasing communication, business development and modernising management and administrative practices.

Hessel International's flagship preschool daycare centre is located in Songjiang, Shanghai. We also provide our training programs to other preschool daycare centres throughout China. Please contact us to find out more.




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We are dedicated to caring for children and strongly believe that children are our future.

1912 - Montessori method


Children flourish in an environment made for them


Circa 1915 - Psychodynamic theory


Child’s behaviour is controlled by unconscious urges.


1920s - Behaviourist theory


Learning is gradual and continuous. The environment is the main influence.


1925 - Maturation theory


Child development occurs in ordered stages.


1929 - Social play


Children of different ages play together differently.


Early-mid 1900s -Child-centred education


Guided learning reflecting interests, culture and social experiences.


1936 - Cognitive development


Children's thinking passes through stages as their brain develops.


1950 - Cognitive development


There are 8 stages of social and emotional development. Children as recognised as active learners.


1958 - Moral development


Learning to interact with others through role play and empathy.


1962 - Cognitive development


Learning via interactions with family, friends and culture.


Circa 1962 - Attachment theory


Mother and baby have an instinctive need to bond.


1965 - Universal grammar


Children have an innate ability to learn language and its structure.


1960s - Stranger and separation anxiety


Between 8 and 15 months of age, children react to separation.


Late 1960s - Discovery learning


Children are active participants in making sense of their world.

Cognitive development is a social process.


1977 - Social learning


Children imitate the behaviours of caregivers and peers.


1979 - Ecological systems


Influenced by factors acting on themselves and their families.


1983 - Multiple intelligences


Ability to learn, succeed and teach others in their identified intelligence.


1994 - Nature and nurture


Genetics combine with environment to mould development.


Present - The Hessel System


International educational system providing world class teaching methodology for preschool daycare centres.