The first 1000 days of childhood development are critical in ensuring a child’s success as an adult.


Hessel International is a world leader in the science and systems promoting two of the most important stages of a person’s life: 0-3 years of age and 3-6 years of age. These formative periods of childhood contribute significantly to the development of a successful adult.


Our globally recognised Hessel System 孩时乐系统 and training, Walk in a Child’s World are adopted by the most advanced preschool daycare centres worldwide to provide the highest standards of childcare; learning and experience-based development. Our founder, Tanya Cole, is a renowned thought leader and author of The First 1000 Days program. Evidence demonstrates that the first 1000 days are a crucial period for parents and carers to take an active role in helping their child reach their full potential in life.


The Hessel System 孩时乐系统 draws upon the expertise of over 450 childhood professionals. Our operations in Australia are recognised as world-class and exceed international accreditation standards.

Why do babies sleep so much?


A baby's brain is twice as active as a university student’s. Born with 100 billion neurons, a baby has twice as many as an adult. Their brain will double in volume within 90 days, reaching 55% of its final size.


The Hessel System’s The First 1000 Days is internationally proven with generations of children to optimise a child’s learning during this time while the child’s brain is most receptive to learning.


We are proud to have optimised the learning for generations of children, allowing them to gain the best start in life, and also to have trained passionate childcare professionals to share our vision.


Our goal is to be at the forefront of early childhood development and remain the global benchmark.


Our  Walk in a Child’s World training for preschool daycare centres offers the most valuable reward of all.


Learn how to care for and interact with babies and children, to help them learn to their full potential. With The Hessel System 孩时乐系统 and Walk in a Child’s World, generations of children have been given the head start they need for success and to be happy in all areas of life.


“My life’s work for generations of children.”

Tanya Cole, Founder and CEO of Hessel International


In Western societies, parents, carers and educators place a large value on the first few years of a child’s life, because that time plays a crucial role in the formation of how that child develops as an adult. You can see the benefits of this in a globalised economy, as competition intensifies for fewer resources and career opportunities.


I’ve spent my life helping parents, carers and childcare professionals to support babies and young children in all aspects of development, including their body, mind and spirit.


One of the most significant research results I have uncovered, which has also resulted in training over 450 childcare professionals in Australia, is that an important type of intelligence needs to be addressed - Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This is very different to Cognitive Intelligence (IQ), because your IQ is what you are born with, but your EQ is something that requires development.


It is EQ, not IQ, that guarantees someone’s success - being able to manage own emotions and the ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them. That is why the first step to making a difference in a child’s brain development revolves around supporting their EQ.


You can start this by creating a special bond and attachment with your baby from birth. When you and your baby have a strong connection, your baby will feel safe, secure and loved. When a baby has these emotional needs met, their brain is able to develop and your baby is able to learn many new skills and concepts in all of their development.


I have dedicated my life to providing a proven way to help children to develop the emotional intelligence skills required to better understand, empathise and negotiate with other people. Now that the economy has become more global, your child will be competing for jobs against other people with well developed EQ. My programs, The Hessel System 孩时乐系统 and The First 1000 Days will help - so that success will not elude your children in their lives and careers.


Hessel International's flagship preschool daycare centre is located in Songjiang, Shanghai. We also provide our training programs to other preschool daycare centres throughout China. Please contact us to find out more.




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